A Call to be Brave at Work

For each new day we’re given, we’re also given opportunities to be brave. For some of us, this may mean risking our life for other people or standing up for a cause we believe in. However, for many of us, bravery looks quite different and yet, just as important. Bravery may mean speaking up in a…

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5 Realities of a New Job

  How long has it been since you started a new job? Before you make a job change, and especially if you are changing companies, you may want to consider a few simple truths. I was reminded of these truths this week as a CEO and I shared life stories with our WorkMatters Institute young professionals…

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How to Show Love at Work

Love, as a word, has many different meanings. For example we don’t love our new car the same way we love a family member. In the Greek language, there are many different words for the various kinds of love. Right now, I want to focus on what the Greeks call “agape” or “brotherly love”. Practicing…

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Who Really Gets Credit for Your Work?

There are so many powerful leadership lessons in the Bible! Our last two posts, 5 Work Lessons Learned From Manna and Trusting God with Your Career Even When You Don’t Know Why came from the vast lessons that can be learned from the story of the Israelites wandering through the desert. Let’s look at one…

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5 Work Lessons Learned From Manna 

Once every quarter, I am blessed to invest a couple of hours over lunch with my spiritual mentor. He is a former WorkMatters Chairman of the Board and serves on the leadership team of a large consumer food products company. Last week we discussed a very specific Bible story and I was amazed by the practical…

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