What We Believe

  • Workmatters is a non-denominational Christian ministry, and our worldview and teaching holds to the historical Christian faith.
  • We believe that God created a good world and created us for a relationship with Him, but that it was broken by sin. Through Jesus Christ, God redeemed us at an infinite cost to Himself, and someday He will return to renew all creation, end all suffering and death, and restore absolute peace, justice and joy in the world forever.
  • This gospel message gives context and meaning for our work.
  • Work is good. God was a worker. Work is part of how we image God, express worship to Him and serve His purposes. Even after the Fall God still uses work to cultivate the world and provide for the common good.
  • Work is hard. The reality of sin means that there are forces within us and in the environment around us that distort God’s purposes for work and make work difficult.
  • Work can have lasting impact. Through faith in Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we can both discover and live God’s purpose for our work. Our work can take on deeper meaning, as Christ uses us in and through our work to restore his kingdom.