How to be Great at Work

Who doesn’t want to be great at work? Whether it is expressed through recognition, accomplishment or even the private sense of knowing you did a good job, we all desire greatness. The disciples also desired greatness. They followed Jesus because they believed in him (Mark 10:28). Yet they still had a misguided idea of the…

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“The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.” – Proverbs 11:3 Company values are a great tool to help you find deeper purpose and meaning in your work. But there are times when those values can also help you make some tough decisions. A friend of mine shared with me…

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Dealing with Workplace Politics

Workplace politics … ugh.   Life at work in any size organization is already tough. It’s not easy to navigate competing interests, communicate well and still achieve what’s best for the organization. But when people are motivated strictly by advancing their careers or personal agendas versus  contributing to the organization and the mission of the…

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Trust in God and Not Your Own Judgement

We admire the people who are not afraid to make a gutsy decision. These people seem to have special insight into reality and the courage to follow that insight in a direction that may or may not make sense to everyone else. You know who I mean — the ones who seem to always make…

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Who’s Working Next to You?

Another weekend and another newsreel with a heartbreaking story — this time from Charlottesville, VA. One of the largest white-supremacist rallies in recent history. Counter-protesters standing up against the divisiveness and hate. A car driven into the counter-protesters. 29 injured. 1 dead. I read the stories, prayed for the situation, and wondered what to do…

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Faith in Uncertain and Difficult Times

It’s easy to “have faith” when everything is going well. It’s harder when things aren’t going so well. And it’s even harder when you have been seeking God, faithfully following Him, and He doesn’t seem to be “coming through.” But that is where true faith is developed, and that is the level of faith we…

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How to Check Your Ego in a Decision

Do you let your ego get in the way of achieving the greater goal? It’s easy to spot me-centric behavior in the “other” person. After all, our intentions are more righteously motivated and purpose-driven, right? But it is easier to slip into me-centric thinking and behavior than we think. It happens when we identify too…

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Find Purpose in Your Work

How to Find Purpose in Your Work Today

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” – Proverbs 22:29 King Solomon penned most of the proverbs in Scripture, and he knew this one from first-hand experience. The key accomplishment of his 40-year term was building the Temple of the Lord…

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5 Scriptures for Workplace Challenges

We know that we need to pray about our work. But what do we pray? How do we pray? And how can we know that our prayers for our work are aligned with God’s desires? The Psalms are a great place to start. It is our prayer book. The Psalms cover the range of human…

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Act in Faith (and say Thank You)

“So what do you think has led to this success?” asked the VP, driving back from the Walmart Home Office. “Well,” my friend said, “we have a great trust relationship and alignment with Walmart. Our strategy has been solid, our promotions strong and we’ve executed really well.” “But I have to be honest with you,”…

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