How to Lean on God at Work for Your Best 2018

What does it really mean to bring our best to work? None of us want to be mediocre. Even on days when you’re not feeling your best, I’d venture to guess you still bring all you can to your work. But, even on the days when you’re feeling good, are you truly bringing your best…

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How to Survive a Desert Season at Work

Life’s trials are tough, but desert seasons are downright scary – especially when they impact our work. Our identity is challenged, our ability to provide for ourselves and our family is threatened, and any security we may have experienced previously goes out the window. You never know how long it will last, or how it…

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Letting God Use Your Job to Refine You

Do you have days at work when you wonder why you’re there? Perhaps you’re going through a season that is especially hard and confusing. Or you might feel like there must be another job out there that would be much more fulfilling. Maybe you’re not sure what that job could possibly look like. My career…

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Serving Others at Work

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” – Mark 10:45 The recent onslaught of bad news can throw the best of us off our game. Add to that the challenges occurring in workplaces all around us every…

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Who Has True Impact on You at Work?

It’s football season — an exciting  time for fans who can’t wait to generously give great players and teams enthusiastic support with their time and shouts of praise. The more successful a player is, the bigger a celebrity and the more people want to see him and get his autograph. But celebrity status is not…

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Refusing to be Ruled by Anger or Bitterness at Work

The more I talk to people, the more evident it is that we’re living and working in stressful times. And where there is stress, emotions can easily get off. It’s so easy to feel anger, frustration or disappointment when things don’t go the way we expected, when problems complicate our lives or communication breakdowns wreak…

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How to Overcome Negativity at Work

Even the most uplifting work environment is susceptible to negativity from time to time. Why? Because work is hard. Overwhelming demands, stress, frustration, conflicting agendas, uncertainty, communication breakdowns – they are all part of work. It’s easy for any of us to succumb to the temptation to complain, get frustrated, or otherwise unintentionally contribute to…

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So You Feel Stuck in Your Job?

Feeling stuck at  work can be an awful experience, especially because we spend so much of our time at work. Personally, I want to look back on each day and be able to feel a sense of accomplishment – I want to know that I made a contribution. But when I feel stuck, it’s frustrating,…

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Working Like God is Your Provider at Work

Do you experience pressure at work to produce, to prove yourself, to stay at the top of your game? Regardless of the industry you’re in, you probably deal with this experience – and it can often seem relentless. For the majority of my career I operated like it all depended on me. I approached my…

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