Are You Trying to Do It All Yourself?

Each of us have felt it — we are working on a project that we either feel unequipped, unprepared, or unsupported in our efforts to get it to the finish line. Overwhelmed and alone. But for many of us, we can also experience this same feeling when trying to show our faith through our work,…

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Your Words Have Power

Most us have been there — either through overhearing, instigating or as a victim of an ugly pastime of many office cultures — workplace gossip. Oftentimes, many feel the tension between not giving into the temptation of gossip as a way to “build trust” with another coworker, and knowing we need to speak up and…

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Who is Your Ultimate Boss at Work?

I remember walking into work for the first time with the desire to work hard, learn much, and grow deeply. I think we can all relate to the feeling of wanting to do extremely well when we are first starting out in our career or a new role. But it wasn’t too long before I…

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Do You Have What it Takes?

Do you remember your first day on the job? Not too long ago, I was walking into my first full-time position in the marketplace. Aside from the expected feelings of nervousness, I also dealt with an even greater feeling of inadequacy for taking on a large role. Though I was surrounded by a team who…

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Integrity: Having a Plan to Walk in it

You feel the pressure. You overhear conversations of adjusting numbers just slightly to meet the quota or find out that the big close was done through a not-so-ethical way. Sometimes you feel as though you are the only one operating with integrity these days. Integrity doesn’t always come easy to us. Because it’s not. Especially…

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What Are You Willing to Lay Down?

Most of us identify ourselves and others with our work … What do you do? Who do you work for? What did you do before? These questions are key identifiers for much of the adult world, as we spend half of our adult life at work. But is it the primary identifier for who we…

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Facing a “Bump in the Road” of Your Career

All of us have experienced some type of detour in our life — personally or professionally. And the word ‘detour’ itself seems to be closely connected with being setback in a plan. But perhaps those bumps in the road don’t always have to be set-backs. Perhaps that lay-off or that failed product or that lost…

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Perfect Timing, Perfect Vision

In preparation for Holy Week, I read through Luke 24 on the passage of Christ’s time on Earth after his resurrection. No matter how many times we read this story, or any scripture for that matter, God can always provide a new revelation to us. I experienced this when reading verses 15-16, when Jesus joined…

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

As I feel the warmer weather come in and see the trees outside our office begin to bud, I’ve been thinking about spring and the process of blooming, but more specifically the idea of “bloom where you are planted.” In full transparency, this saying has challenged me at times. At best, I thought it meant…

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Are You Really Ready For Your Blessings?

“Are you ready for your blessings?” — the lyrics of a song on repeat. But this was more than just a catchy tune — it was a message that made me realize the totality of the impact and posture of when we receive a blessing. After coming out of a season where it felt like…

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