Should Sunday “Really” Be All That Different?

It’s easy to divide church and work, but fundamentally they should be an integrated whole. The church experience is different than the work experience. Marc Yount, President & COO of Field Agent, explains that church is segmented from work through the way it is structured, but fundamentally there is no difference. Church was always meant…

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Is Failure Something to Be Feared?

Fear of failure holds so many back, but is it something to avoid or simply something of which to be mindful? In this video, Sean Womack explains two types of failure. Personal and moral failure can be life-shattering, but when it comes to professional failure, it can be really good if you know how to…

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Fulfillment That Comes From God Permeates Our Work

Application: When we look for fulfillment and satisfaction from our work, the stress and demands we face can throw even the best of us off balance. But when we get our fulfillment and satisfaction from our relationship with God, He gives us the strength we need to move forward in our work with confidence and…

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Give The Gift Of Encouragement To A Coworker Today

Application: God places people around us who are marginalized and quietly struggling, not just in the community, but also at work. Look for someone at work who needs a little extra encouragement, friendship or support. When you find ways to help those in need around you at work, you show the love of Christ and…

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You Are Valuable To God No Matter What

Application: Even if you were the only person at work who ever fell short, God would pursue you just the same. You belong to Him, and you’re a part of your team for a reason. You will find it easier to share the value you have to offer when you remember that you are valuable…

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Faith Helps You Persevere Through Challenges At Work

Application: The stress, obstacles and setbacks we experience at work can weigh us down with discouragement. God calls us to lean on Him for strength through all of it so we can persevere. When you do, you will see your efforts pay off – sometimes in greater ways than if everything had gone smoothly to…

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Your Role at Work Is Important

Application: The world places different levels of importance on different roles. But every role, every job and every position is important to God and He wants to be active in all of it. When everyone performs their role to accomplish a common mission, great things happen. What can you do to see God as active…

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Use Your Gifts to Serve Others

Application: What are you good at? Where are you uniquely gifted? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see how you can go above and beyond by using your gifts to support those around you, your customers and even your vendors. Get more workplace scripture like this delivered to you by subscribing via email or…

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Walk Alongside Those You Lead

Application: Leaders have a responsibility to serve the entire team. That means rather than being exempt, you need to do the dirty work alongside those you lead. Remember that they are your coworkers, and you are all executing the same vision and mission together.

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Responsibility to Risk

Application: The servant in this passage invested five bags of gold, and that investment paid off. We are called to be good stewards of the resources we have been entrusted to oversee. Sometimes that means using wisdom to take risks, like hiring the underdog, giving difficult feedback, and taking a stand against inappropriate behavior to…

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