When Your Personal Life and Work Life Collide

We love to act like our work life and personal life are distinct and separate, don’t we? We have no problem checking our personal lives at the office door, right? For many years of my career, I lived exactly this way. I didn’t want bosses, peers and coworkers to see any weakness in my game.…

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Set Yourself Up to Do Excellent Work – No Matter What

Excellence doesn’t just happen. No matter how much you love your job, there are distractions that can keep even the most dedicated employee from performing with excellence consistently. And if you don’t like your job or it’s just a means to an end, you might find it difficult to motivate yourself to perform your job…

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Prayer – Our Most Powerful Tool in Today’s Unrest

The first two weeks of the Trump administration have been full of fireworks. Regardless of your personal beliefs or policy preferences, it is clear that we are experiencing a heavy and difficult collective tension across our nation. However, I think these times put into focus a battle that is always raging. We are just usually…

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With Great Pain Comes Great Endurance

I have always been told that with “great pain comes great endurance.” I think most of us can say that we’ve seen this play out in our own lives. However, I didn’t fully embrace this concept until I started reading “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis. If you have not read this book, I encourage…

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Can God Use Me Now?

I strongly believe that God has a purpose for every one of us. It doesn’t matter what your job is, what level of the company you’re at, or if you’re even with a company. God has given each of us very specific gifts to fulfill His purposes – at every stage of our lives. But…

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5 Tools For Purposeful Living in 2017

I love end-of-year reviews and fresh starts to a new year! Do you? I made so many mistakes in 2016. That’s why one of my favorite phrases in the Bible is ”…his mercies are fresh each morning.” We all need fresh starts, and once a year we get a natural opportunity for that – to…

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Where is Your Thrill of Hope Coming From?

The days between Christmas and New Year’s have always seemed to be an exhausting time for me. After a month of what feels like non-stop running from Christmas parties, gift shopping, and above all, a very busy work season, I’m exhausted. On top of that, the Christmas season is officially over, and that sense of…

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Making the Tough Decision When it Hurts Another Person

How good are you at tough decisions? Those times when you have clear direction, yet you know it will negatively impact others? Those are tough moments. We often want to justify an easier way. A way that feels like it isn’t risking a relationship. Maybe we question whether we were hearing from God or not,…

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Are You Thankful For Your Trials Right Now?

Just before Thanksgiving, I was visiting with a dear friend over coffee. Our conversation naturally went to the things that we’re thankful for. Both of us have been through trials in our lives and can look back and say in hindsight, “I’m thankful for that because now I can see how God has used that…

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To Every Season…

The holiday season is not easy to escape. We barely finish the Thanksgiving turkey before it’s time to shop for Christmas on black Friday. In a season that’s meant to represent pausing and giving, we seem to rush forward and consume more. Work can feel the same way. How many times do we get caught…

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Happy Thanksgiving From Workmatters

For me, Thanksgiving is the ultimate celebration. Of course, at Christmas we celebrate the birth of our Savior. But at Thanksgiving we get to celebrate all that He does in our lives! Just him, your family and friends, and a year full of extraordinary blessings to be thankful for. And today, our team at Workmatters…

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Peace and Clarity in the Crazy – Pray Like Jesus

How can we have peace and clarity when our circumstances are increasingly complex and messy? Our world of social media and immediate notifications has exposed the anxiousness, conflict and downright messiness. We feel it everywhere. We see it on an international level. We are experiencing it at a national level. And we have always felt…

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The Election is Over – Now What?

The presidential election has dominated our national consciousness for over a year … and now it’s over. A significant portion of the population was going to be disappointed regardless of the outcome. For many, there are new questions. For some there is fear. Uncertainty. Elections like this are amplifications of our everyday experience: we get…

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Kingdom Vision at Work – Ross Cully

“Lens 1 or 2? 2 or 3?” These are familiar questions to those of us that visit the optometrist to get our eyes checked. We look on as the optometrist changes the lens through which we see the world, searching for just the right one to make the world appear in its clearest form. The…

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Five Myths about Servant Leadership

One of the keys to living out our faith at work is to serve those we work with. This is a rich principle for us to follow as we strive to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” Sometimes, we can misconstrue what it means to truly serve, and become doormats to those around us. Allowing someone…

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Faith and Forgiveness at Work

It’s a dramatic scene in the book of Mark: Jesus is in his final week in Jerusalem before his crucifixion. He has just turned over tables and driven money-changers out of the temple. And he has cursed a fruitless fig tree as an object lesson to his disciples. The disciples’ amazement at the dried-up and…

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Hard Love: Getting Perspective on Trials at Work and Home

“Play the fun music, Daddy!” The “fun music” is Hard Love, the album by NeedtoBreathe. My kids (five and three) are obsessed with it. It’s on all the time. I wasn’t exactly in the best mood that evening. It had been another day with an unexpected setback at work, another unexpected issue to navigate, more…

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Strength and Courage for Such a Time as This

I recently did a retreat at the Crystal Bridges Tulip Trail flipping through the book of Esther. Typically, I relate this story with vacation Bible school days, and the heroic story of Esther being bold and saving her people. However, this day brought a fresh perspective to the nostalgic story. Esther was brought into a…

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Reconciling Differences at Work

Do you struggle with overcoming differences at work with a boss or co-worker? The following is a summary of a WorkMatters podcast episode where Tim Broughton shares with us how we can best reconcile those differences and grow closer to God as we do it. —– RECONCILING DIFFERENCES AT WORK TIM BROUGHTON Overcoming being offended…

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Love – The Greatest Force at Work

Love is not only appropriate at work, it’s essential.Strategy, leadership, competitive edge, systems, vision, marketing savvy, industry expertise, strong financial management, integrity, teamwork, communications, relationships – these are all elements of strong, successful businesses that endure over time. Over the past couple of years, another element has popped up in business literature, articles and books…

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Balance: Pursuing Sustainable Work / Life Equilibrium

Henry Kaestner, co-founder and executive chairman of Bandwidth.com, is a good model for how to think about balance. Bandwidth.com was the fourth-fastest growing privately held company in the country from 2003 through 2007. Kaestner, who served as CEO from 2001 through 2008, spoke on balance at a WorkMatters event. “Even in our high-growth time, we made it a…

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How to Make Your Work an Act of Service

Each day you go to work, your head is probably filled with all that you have to tackle along with unresolved issues from the day before. Meanwhile, there are people in the cubicle or office right next to you, people you interact with online or on the phone who are struggling, hurting or dealing with…

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Lessons Learned from Walmart’s Don Soderquist

On July 21st Northwest Arkansas and the world lost a great leader, Don Soderquist. Last week, over 1,000 friends, coworkers and family members crowded into Fellowship Bible Church in Rogers, Ark. and many Walmart associates viewed the service via simulcast to hear his four wonderful grown children share stories of his life and his legacy.…

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How to Be Intentional with the Impact You Have at Work

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16 (NIV) John Maxwell writes that “leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less.” Think about some of the greatest leaders of the past 100 years: Winston Churchill rallying a nation in…

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Three Ways to Embrace Vulnerability and Change

Do I have what it takes?   I’ve asked this many times as I experience a new season of deep growth and change. In the last six months, I have graduated from college, lost and gained friendships, moved into my first place and jumped into my first career.   As I look ahead and see…

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Does Love Matter at Work?

The world can feel overwhelming at times. We feel it everywhere, whether it’s on the news, social media, in our homes or even our workplaces. In my opinion, there’s no better time to love others than now – and the best person ever to show us how to love is Jesus. “Teacher, which is the…

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Making Tough Decisions Using Your Company Values

  The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity. (Proverbs 11:3) Do you use your company values on your faith-and-work journey? Several months ago I wrote a post about using your company values as a means of finding deeper purpose and meaning in your work. But there’s more…

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Who is Your Dad?

All of us have a father. And all of us have (or had) unique relationships with our father. Some are very, very close relationships. Some are estranged with no relationship at all. Most lay somewhere in between those two extremes. I meet with my mentor once per quarter and go deep on life for a…

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Three Keys to Godly Grit in the Workplace

  When Mike Thompson and I wrote Forging Grit, a fictional story that illustrates this critical quality for leadership success, here’s how we defined it: Grit is a passion for getting something done and the fortitude to see it through even when obstacles seem overwhelming. Sound like something you need as a leader? We all…

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Your Gameplan: Three Practical Prayers for Your Workday

Any coach knows that one of the biggest keys to victory is an effective gameplan – to intentionally maximize your strengths and counteract the strengths of the opposing team. What is your gameplan for work? We often recommend things like “prayer,” “leaning on God’s strength,” or “seeking God first in all things.” These are absolutely…

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3 Necessary Traits of a True Servant Leader

Servant leadership is a term often used to describe serving others while leading. While some might say the term is an oxymoron and has ambiguous meaning, I’d like to share how I saw this practically lived out. Two weeks ago, we hosted our largest event of the year, WorkMatters Leadercast, for the 13th year in…

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I Should Have Seen It Coming

“I should have seen it coming.” My favorite aspect of my job is meeting one on one with senior leaders. Especially when they have issues. When God is doing something in their lives, in particular their work. It’s a privilege to listen. To pray. And then see how I can coach or encourage them through…

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Four Simple Ways to Replace Fear with Trust

Life and business seem to have ebbs and flows. I don’t know about you, but there definitely seem to be times when everything works like clockwork. Then there are times when obstacles and problems seem to pop up at every turn. Lately, I’ve witnessed storms brewing in the lives and work of my co-workers and…

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3 Ways to Avoid Bully Leadership

My alarm went off early one morning to a painful Focus on the Family story about a man who grew up in an orphanage. As I laid there captivated by the horrific childhood picture he was painting, I was drawn into his description of the bully system in the orphanage. He literally was beat up every single…

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Who is the Hero of your Leadership Story?

Every great story has two key characters. The first is the hero – the main character. Luke Skywalker, Batman, and Maximus (Gladiator) are a few examples of some of my favorite movie heroes. These heroes encounter a significant, seemingly unsurmountable challenge. They need help. They need a plan. The other character is the guide or…

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Our Top Most Read Blog Posts for Your Leadership Growth

Today we’d like to share with you our most powerful blog content created over the years. Go ahead, take a look! I’ll bet there’s one you’ve yet to read or might want to share with a friend or co-worker. Regardless, there’s no doubt you’ll discover life-changing content that will help give your work more purpose…

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What’s Wrong with Discipleship?

WorkMatters chose Multiply as our “One Word” for 2016. Since then, the idea of growth through multiplication has permeated most of our conversations. We want to reach as many people as we can, as far as we can, in the biggest mission field on earth – the marketplace. To do that, we intend to equip…

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Are You Your Real (Christian) Self at Work?

A 2012 study found that one third of Americans believe “religious freedom in the U.S. has grown worse in the past 10 years” (33%). By 2015, that number grew to four in 10 (41%). However, as this belief increases, so does the need to have more intentional conversation about how faith actually applies in the…

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What Golf Teaches Us About Abiding with God at Work

Golf is a humbling sport. If you’ve ever played, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It seems really simple and straight forward. All you have to do is hit the little, motionless ball towards the flag right? For some reason, when I try to perform this “simple” task, I get mixed results. Sometimes the…

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Three Effective Ways to Bring Order to Your Chaotic World

Our lives don’t fit into neat little compartments called “Work”, “Spouse”, “Parent”, “Board Member”, etc. These things are all good and must coexist with each other. If you are juggling multiple roles all at once, you understand how discouraging it can feel when you are spread too thin. I get it. I have a full-time…

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Do You Have Good Pride or Bad Pride?

We are told to take pride in our work, our family, our school, our appearance, and yes, our country! But then the Bible says that pride goes before destruction. That pride leads to disgrace. Wait…what? Same word…two entirely different methods. “Good pride” is healthy and appropriate. “Bad pride” (selfish pride) very often results in self-destructive…

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Don’t Focus on the Fruit

If you are a follower of Christ then you are in the Kingdom of God and live by its values. Sometimes those values line up nicely with what our culture appreciates. And sometimes they’re counterintuitive. Abiding with God at work is like that. A few weeks ago we called abiding with God at work the…

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Forget Politics – Let’s Lead Like Jesus

As Election Day approaches, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with anxiousness. It seems like every time I check the news or watch debates it’s always about different candidates outing each other and saying /doing whatever it takes to get to the top. Don’t misunderstand, my husband’s running for office as well, so I get…

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How to be a More Effective Servant Leader

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how to lead a project when you don’t know what you’re doing. One observation in the feedback stuck with me: what do you do if you don’t have a boss like Abraham? As a refresher, in Genesis 24 Abraham tasked his servant to find a wife…

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Faith and Work Secret Sauce

You are the hero of this story. And you have a problem. You are called to a mission that is outside of your comfort zone. But it’s necessary for your own survival as a leader and for the benefit of those around you. So what’s your problem? If you are a follower of Christ, your…

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6 Ways to Find the Perfect Mentor

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid. – Proverbs 12:1 Biblical marketplace leaders are passionate about growing to become better leaders. One of the ways we can grow is by seeking the guidance of wise counsel. Joshua had Moses. Timothy had Paul. David had Nathan. Do you have people who you…

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Do You Have a Prayer Strategy for Your Work?

Am I the only one who has struggled with truly understanding God’s vision and purpose for my work? Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself, “If my boss wasn’t such a nightmare, my job would be so much better.” “My company’s culture is so distant from Jesus – will it ever change?” “The pressure to perform at…

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Influence at Work: Every One Counts

I recently visited the last session of a Leadership@Work Study group that was completing Esther: A Leader of Influence. I don’t often visit the last session of this workplace Bible studies, but when I do, it’s always a blessing to hear participants share their insights. I think you may find the insights of one man…

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One Word That Can Change Your Life

Throughout my life, I have been a veracious annual goal setter. I have been known to create a multi-page document each December detailing my goals in each element of my life, including faith, husband, father, work, church, community, etc. Did it work? Actually, for the most part, I would say yes. But over time, as…

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Are You Focusing on the Right Things at Work?

The enemy has many ways he can attack us at work. One of the ways I am attacked most is distraction. Satan knows my weaknesses and can use them to take my focus away from God’s will or the task at hand and instead focus on sinful, wasteful pursuits. I came across a verse recently…

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Is it OK to Express My Faith at Work?

While more and more people are finding ways to express their faith at work, there are still many more who have concerns about whether or not they can. And if they can, the next question is “how?” Thanks to heightened sensitivity to a diverse workforce, corporate policies and laws are increasingly supportive of employees who…

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Facing Your Giants in Life

Stop. Force yourself to think about this question. It could change your life. Who or what is a Giant in your life? We all have them. But we try not to look at them. We try to ignore them. We try to work around them. Why? Because of one word…FEAR. We’re afraid of what might…

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Our Top Posts and Podcast Episodes from 2015

Can you believe it? Another year has officially started! Looking back, there were some great topics from 2015 that we want to take into the new year! Here is a list of our most popular blog posts and podcasts of 2015. Blog Posts 1. 17 Powerful Workplace Scriptures 2. Identity Crisis: 7 Lessons Learned from Career Idolatry…

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Top 10 Faith and Work Resolutions for 2016

We can learn a great deal about becoming better leaders at work from leaders in the Bible like Jesus, Nehemiah, Daniel, Esther, and so many more. As you reflect on what you want to accomplish in 2016 in your work, here are our top 10 picks for faith-and-work resolutions to help you be salt and…

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Finding Joy At Work in 2016

On the surface, “joy at work” may be one of life’s great oxymorons! Think about it. Do you feel joy in your work? Not, are you happy at work. Rather, do you feel true joy in the tasks, the relationships, and the purpose of your work? This is a theme that God has brought front…

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Leading Fearlessly at Work

“Fear not! Fear not! God is here.” I sat in the pew as the chorus of four-year olds belted out the melody. The pre-school Christmas program is as strong a wintertime cultural staple in the South as Santa Claus and eggnog. And it was getting to me. Am I afraid? I thought about the news…

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7 Encouraging Scriptures for Facing Uncertainty

We all face times of uncertainty, especially in our work. Maybe there’s a threat of job loss, perhaps it doesn’t look like you’re going to hit your financial goals, or a big account isn’t going to come through. Whatever the uncertainty is, it can feel like the ground is about to fall out from under…

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How to Determine the Best Course of Action at Work

Ever find yourself in a situation at work where you lack clarity about the best next step? You might be facing a problem you don’t know how to solve. Or maybe you’re trying to achieve a goal that’s bigger and more difficult than you feel prepared to handle. It could be that you have options,…

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Are You Taking Advantage of the Holiday Season?

The general buzz of this time of year – parties, traditions, commercials, etc. – creates multiple opportunities for engaging in spiritual conversation. Believer and nonbeliever alike are primed for these conversations. It is one of the most natural times of the year to share our faith and the reason for our hope. Sharing our faith…

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Are You Subduing the World through your Work?

In Genesis 1:28 God commands us to “fill the earth and subdue it.” Carrying out our job descriptions at work is one of the key ways we subdue our world. Does it mean more than just do our job? What about your work in your home? In your community? Let’s remember, work is not our…

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Biblical Leaders are Thankful Leaders

When President Abraham Lincoln announced the first Thanksgiving holiday, he wanted Americans to remember the source of their blessings. Even while the U.S. was in the middle of the Civil War, President Lincoln knew that the people had so much to be thankful for. God was still working and blessing his people, even during the…

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How to Show Outrageous Gratitude and Love at Work

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving with family can sometimes be hard. And in a lot of ways, the workplace can be very similar to a Thanksgiving experience – a place filled with imperfect people who have differing opinions and beliefs. The only difference is that they share a conference table instead of a dinner table. Hostility, pride and brokenness…

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6 Biblical Ways to Overcome Obstacles at Work

We all know the feeling. You’re working on an important project, or you have a new idea you’re trying to make a reality, and instead of making progress you keep coming against obstacles. Maybe it’s a boss who constantly has problems with your work, a budget constraint, or simple external barriers that you never expected.…

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The High Cost of Compromised Integrity

The impact of the Volkswagen emissions scandal and all of its repercussions are nothing short of tragic. It’s an expensive lesson on many levels and one that we would all do well learning from. How did it start? It starts when we put the wrong things first. A New York Times article covering the scandal…

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Steve Graves: The Gospel Goes to Work

  On occasion, God will put someone in your life that has profound influence. Such is the case with Steve Graves. I met Steve in 2002 and he quickly became my faith and work mentor and an early WorkMatters Board Director. Steve has been a global pioneer in the faith and work movement for over…

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Three Sabbaths Every Leader Needs

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, the idea of stopping or even slowing down seems like a fantasy. Rick Warren says this about slowing down: “Yet in our modern society, people aren’t doing that. Even on their day off they’re working. And even those who go to a church service go home afterward and go right back…

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Are You Worthy of Workplace Imitation?

Are you worthy of imitation? I was recently having breakfast with my two year old. We had some music on, and I involuntarily began tapping my feet. The next thing I knew my son slid out of his chair so his legs could reach the floor. He started tapping his feet, with a big smile…

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Overcoming Defeat at Work

Have you ever felt like you were under attack at work? You may never have experienced a physical threat or someone coming at you with actual weapons. But the workplace can be a minefield of circumstances that can threaten our self-worth, our reputation, our relationships and our livelihood. A disagreement with your boss, tension with…

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Let’s Just Say No

We’re all running around frantic and crazy, searching for meaning and purpose, all while complaining that our lives are out of balance. Because our lives are all out of balance people are now running around shouting about balance. While this conversation is an important one to have, I’m afraid that it’s feeding this idea that…

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I’ll Probably Get Fired for My Faith

It’s amazing the conversations you can have if you are willing to ask other people questions about their lives. We recently moved to a new house and I have had two powerful conversations with service providers coming into our home. Last Saturday night, a 23-year-old delivering a piece of furniture shared a rich story of…

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Why Leaders Need to Trust God at Work

Leaders of all kinds have a lot of demands to meet. How often does the uncertainty of where the energy, resources and time are going to come from cause stress in your life? It doesn’t have to be that way. The problem is that most of us are trying to accomplish it all under our…

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Praising God at Work

Talking about the things we enjoy is natural. Retelling experiences that moved us is how we bring praise. Think about those post-weekend conversations with coworkers — the ones you’ll have today. When you talk about the great finish to the game or share a fun family memory you are sharing your joy in those things…

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4 Myths About Workplace Calling

As a millennial, I naturally obsess over the idea of my true calling in life. All it takes is one person’s social media update to make my mind crawl with comparison and doubt over whether or not I’m headed in the right direction – a complete waste of time. I could write an entire book…

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5 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Job Loss

Have you ever lost your job? If not, has a close friend, coworker or family member lost theirs? I have been in this situation many years ago and I can tell you that it was one of the most difficult and enlightening seasons of my life. Whether we love our work or not, we are…

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Our Favorite Podcasts on Calling

Whether it’s through one of our WorkMatters ministries or prayer and devotion, we love when people discover God’s calling in their work. Better yet, we have the resources to prove it. Here is a list of some of our favorite podcasts about finding God’s calling for your work by some of our favorite workplace leaders. Making…

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How to Be a Starter in the Game of Faith at Work

  In football you have a first team and a second team. The first team are the starters. They are the best players. Coaches will refer to them as “ones.” The second team are the backups. They sit on the sideline waiting for their number to be called when the “ones” are tired, hurt, or…

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Can You See God Working in Your Work?

Heavy question, right? Is there even an answer to this question? Work is hard. Some days it rocks. It clicks. It’s fun. Other days (many days?) it’s difficult. Adam made sure of that and God confirmed it in Genesis 3:17-19: “To Adam he said, “Because you listened to your wife and ate fruit from the…

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Making a Decision When the Answer Isn’t Clear

What do you do when there doesn’t seem to be a right answer? I recently voted in an election concerning a contentious issue in my hometown. The “right way” to vote was clear for many – but not to me. I read the text of the proposal and pored over the websites of both sides. I…

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A CEO’s Thoughts on Making the Journey Matter Pt. 2

Do you ever find yourself uncertain of the path ahead or wonder why you are where you are on your journey? Elise Mitchell, CEO, Mitchell Communications Group and CEO, Dentsu Aegis Public Relations Network, shared insights and practical guidance last week on how to make the journey matter. She joins us today to finish the…

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A CEO’s Thoughts on Making the Journey Matter – Pt. 1

Do you ever find yourself uncertain of the path ahead or wonder why you are where you are on your journey? Elise Mitchell, CEO, Mitchell Communications Group and CEO, Dentsu Aegis Public Relations Network joins us today to discuss her thoughts and give practical guidance on how to fully embrace our leadership journey. Was there…

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How Much Do You Actually Include God at Work?

Ask yourself this question: How much do you actually include God in your work each day? Our team recently went through a faith-at-work study called The Switch by Doug Spada. There was one question in that book that really stood out to me – “what percentage of the time do you work without God, for…

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How To Take a Step Toward God at Work

For 12 years, WorkMatters has been passionately working to help leaders integrate their faith and work. On the surface, it’s a simple idea. It’s logical. In fact, I will argue that it’s impossible to compartmentalize your work life and personal life. We live integrated lives. We bring our personal issues to work, right? We can’t…

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5 Ways We Waste Opportunity to Influence our Workplace

It’s so easy to go through the work week without thinking about the opportunities we have to influence others at work. Sometimes we may not even think about it, but we need to…we really need to. It’s important to understand that God calls – not obligates us to work. So we put together this list…

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5 Ways To Turn Your Job Into a Calling

Does your work really matter to you? Do you see that it can have purpose and meaning? Or, is it just a job or a career … a means to an end? Yale psychologist Amy Wrzesniewski has made a living out of studying how the mental perceptions we have about our jobs affect performance. After…

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6 Signs You Might be a Lukewarm Christian at Work

If you are a Christian and you have any interest in trying to close the gap between your faith and work, you need to hear these words today. “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were one or the other! But since you are like…

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Faith at Work Lessons from Tom Brady’s #DeflateGate

What can Tom Brady, a four-time Super bowl champion, three-time Super Bowl MVP, two-time NFL MVP, and ten-time Pro Bowl quarterback, teach us about faith at work? Clearly Brady does his work with excellence, one of our 7 Pillars of Faith and Work. As many already know, Brady was recently accused of making some mistakes and trying…

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Discover the Power of Workplace Bible Studies

It was an accidental encounter with an inspiring outcome. I was walking out of church and Scott was hurrying in with his family. We had been playing email tag with each other about scheduling me to attend the workplace Bible study he was doing at his company. They had just completed one of our Leadership@Work…

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Is There a Flag You Need to Take Down?

A few weeks ago the nation was gut-punched by the shooting of nine praying members of AME Church in Charleston. The act was ruled as domestic terror, committed in the name of segregation and hate; the Confederate Flag was worn by the shooter as an expression of this. The post-civil rights use and acceptance of…

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Are You a Complainer at Work?

This week I came face-to-face with one of the most common, expected and frustrating elements of life and work…complaining. We all do it, often unknowingly, and we all have disdain for those who do it. Unfortunately, the face I came face-to-face with was my own! Here’s how the story unfolded. I was recently honored to…

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Building a Successful Mentoring Relationship

Mentoring has become something so important in my life. As I reflect on periods of hardship or significant transition, a few important people stand out. These people helped me navigate some of life’s toughest journeys in a way that honored my faith and brought glory to God. They encouraged me, challenged me to be confident…

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Abiding with God at Work

Have you gotten lazy in your relationship with Jesus? Have other priorities, the pressures of the world, squeezed Him out more and more? Do you pray here and there, read your Bible when you can, but it’s more miss than hit? I heard an outstanding message this week at the Daily Walk from my friend…

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4 Ways to Approach Workplace Tension

We all experience tension at work in various forms and for a variety of reasons. But what would you say is one of the biggest causes of workplace tension? People are certainly up there, don’t you think? Yup –  difficult bosses, team members, customers, vendors and so on are a major cause of workplace tension (oh,…

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Post-Vacation Blues: How to Reenter Life and Work

Sunday and Monday this week were really difficult for me. For vacation this year, our family decided to drive to the beach in Florida – it was heavenly. The weather was perfect, we had incredible family time together, I read two books, exercised, slept, worked very little … you get the idea. And then we…

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Vacation – 7 Ways to Live, Love and Learn

This morning is day five following an incredible beach vacation with my my wife, Theresa and our two sons Dylan and Tyler. Beach vacations are just different, aren’t they? So much more relaxing and introspective than other trips you may go on that are full of activity. I’m wired more for the later, but I…

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Do You Talk too Much?

Do you talk too much? Do you want to flourish in your life at work? Then here is one of the most powerful leadership principles you can learn: … talk less, ask more questions and listen with wisdom. We could end this blog right there. I am a people person. I like to communicate. I…

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Four Scriptures for Facing Loneliness at Work

Have you ever been in a place in your faith and career where you felt alone? You didn’t feel like you had the support of your boss, your peers, or your friends. And God, the father who promised to always be with you, feels like He is nowhere to be found. Have you ever felt…

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How to Flourish in Difficult Circumstances

Is your ability to flourish tied to your circumstances? Don’t click away just yet. This is a question that most of us would probably answer with a quick “no” but actually live as if our answer is “yes.” Let’s rephrase. Do you flourish in tough circumstances? Now that is a harder question to answer. Our…

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How to Shift from Surviving to Thriving at Work

How do you feel at the end of your work day? At the end of the work week? Is your work uplifting and energizing, or does it leave you feeling drained, exhausted and overwhelmed? If you answered the latter, you’re certainly not alone. According to a Deloitte 2014 Human Capital Trends Study, two-thirds of today’s…

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A Flourishing Life Starts with Love

Readers of this blog know that our faith-at-work one-word focus for 2015 is flourish. Everyone wants to flourish … to thrive and not just survive. Like most important goals in our lives, we have to be intentional to make them happen. This is especially true of flourishing! So this month, we are unpacking flourishing in…

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Flourishing in the Cracks: Making Time for Joy

If you’re like me, you probably spend most of your time thinking about the things you actually have time to do versus the things you wish you had time to do. As a matter of fact, if you ever ask me how I’m doing, I’ll probably say, ‘Great! I’m just SO busy all the time’.…

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Choose to Live a Flourishing Life

So many of us live moment to moment. We do our best to accomplish the tasks we have to get done each day. We are constantly trying to balance the diverse elements of our lives at home and at work. Each day is a new battle. And before we know it, we string together a…

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Calling at Work: How to Beat Restlessness with God’s Plan

Let’s assume you’re like most Americans who wake up every morning, drag themselves into work, put in their eight to 10 hours, and drag themselves back – only to do it all again the next day. Let’s assume that deep down you’d rather be doing something else – something more meaningful and inspiring. Who knows, maybe one…

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Serving at Work: Who Cares Who Gets the Credit?

Serving at work is hard to do consistently. I work for a Christian ministry and struggle with serving. I teach the stuff. I write on it. And still. In a recent meeting I was presented a “new” idea to react to. Part of the reaction was easy – I had suggested some version of the…

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Excellence at Work: Are You 10 Times Better?

For some of you, the idea of living your faith at work is brand new. It’s intriguing, thought provoking, maybe even exciting. For others, closing the gap between your faith and work is a way of life, and you rightfully seek constant encouragement and ideas on how to live it each day. Wherever you are…

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4 Brave Ways to Boost Integrity at Work

How brave are you at work? Leadercast, The Brave Ones, really challenged everyone to raise the bar on how we define bravery. Think about the times you’ve been brave – when you took courageous action. It may have been pursuing a new idea, being a leader for positive change or confronting someone who was compromising…

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Leading with Love at Work

We want to take you on a brave faith and work leadership journey. One that requires an open mind and strong courage. A journey that will almost certainly yield incredible fruit in your work. Are you game? Last Friday at our 12th annual WorkMatters Leadercast, WorkMatters unveiled a fresh perspective on faith and work to…

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Bravely Living Your Faith at Work: The 7 Pillars

  What would we be capable of if we knew we had nothing to fear? And if we could be truly brave…what would we do? The Braves Ones was the focus of Leadercast Live last Friday, May 8. Thousands of leaders around the world tuned in for an incredible day of leadership insight and inspiration.…

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What Happens When You Close the Gap Between Faith and Work?

Tens of thousands of leaders across the U.S. and around the world have decided they want to integrate their faith and work. They have pushed forward to address the challenging question of “how” to close the gap between faith and work. But why? What is the result of engaging in this journey? There’s a moment…

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How to be Great at Work

Who doesn’t want to be great at work? Whether it is expressed through recognition, accomplishment or even the private sense of knowing you did a good job, we all desire greatness. The disciples also desired greatness. They followed Jesus because they believed in him (Mark 10:28). Yet they still had a misguided idea of the…

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How to Walk with God at Work

When it comes to living your faith at work, there are really just two major factors. The first is simply deciding that you will no longer live a compartmentalized life. Tens of thousands of men and women have made this decision over the past decade because bringing your whole self to work is the right…

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Focused Businessman

Four Ways Leaders Can Use Their Words Powerfully

I once heard a workshop leader describe the words we are apt to automatically repeat as thousands of sticky notes hanging off of the virtual ceiling of our collective minds. As we engage in conversation, we frequently grab from those sticky notes in reaction to various experiences. Some words are benign, but others are quietly…

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Making Time for Workplace Prayer

I heard a recent business leader share a story about burglars attacking his business. They hit his store five times in two weeks. Like any savvy business owner, he wanted to take steps to protect his livelihood. He called the police and filed reports. He upgraded his security system. None of this was working. The…

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How Faith At Work Can Help Improve Your Decision-Making

  You’re busy. Your pace is hurried. You make many decisions through the course of the day, some small and tactical, some significant. You have plans and you need to execute those plans. Others have expectations of your time. They have expectations for your work. Your pace…is hurried. Sound familiar? The question for you today…

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Changing Your Thoughts at Work

Have you ever had a misunderstanding with your boss, a co-worker, or a customer?  It could be a verbal exchange or something as simple as an email. You replay the scene in your head over and over getting more frustrated each time you think about it. Worse yet, as the day goes on you have…

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Overcoming Hurt at Work

Have you been hurt at work?  Was it a co-worker a boss or a client? Have you had a hard time getting past it? How can you set that experience aside and move on with a positive attitude? If you’ve had an experience where someone has wronged you, you understand how it can affect you.…

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Faith at Work: Whose Standards are You Working Toward?

  This past Eastertime provided an excellent opportunity to look at the implications of Jesus’ death and resurrection on living out our faith at work. It’s a no-brainer to see the application to our spiritual lives, but have you considered how your work looks differently in Jesus’ economy? I was reminded of the difference between…

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Is Your Faith Distinctive at Work?

What does it mean to live out your faith at work? There are all sorts of cultural and practical hurdles wrapped up in this subject. Yet, we know that one of our core responses as believers is to share our hope with others. In fact, Jesus has commissioned us to do that (Acts 1:8, 2…

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Getting Paid to do What you Love?

Sounds good doesn’t it? It’s the thing most of us want, but can’t figure out how to do. Most of us give up on that dream and let gravity pull us in the way that best suits our life and family needs. You know…money, title, image, success. But, does it have to be that way?…

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A Call to be Brave at Work

For each new day we’re given, we’re also given opportunities to be brave. For some of us, this may mean risking our life for other people or standing up for a cause we believe in. However, for many of us, bravery looks quite different and yet, just as important. Bravery may mean speaking up in a…

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5 Realities of a New Job

  How long has it been since you started a new job? Before you make a job change, and especially if you are changing companies, you may want to consider a few simple truths. I was reminded of these truths this week as a CEO and I shared life stories with our WorkMatters Institute young professionals…

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4 Powerful Scriptures For Your Work Today

Did you know that the words “work” and “toil” are mentioned over 480 times in the Bible? That alone indicates that God considers our work to be a very important aspect of our lives.  Many scriptures are found throughout the Bible that support the importance of our work to God. Each contain God’s views on…

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