3 Faith and Work Lessons to Teach Your Kids

My son asked me the other day, “Dad, why do you work so late?” From his perspective, it’s a long time between the time he gets home from school and the time I get home from work – most nights just before dinner. He’s probably curious why work doesn’t end at the same time school…

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Love and Compassion at Work?

It has been over two months since I last blogged. July 31 in fact. There is a very real reason behind this blog sabbatical. I want to share both the story and an influential life lesson experienced that I pray will benefit you. July 31 was about the time our family made the painful decision…

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Welcome to YOUR New WorkMatters Blog!

… Do you need help living your faith at work? Of course you do. We all do! Our new WorkMatters website is our latest effort to provide you with timely relevant resources to help you close the gap between your faith and work.   This new blog is an important component of our strategy to help…

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4 Ways Accountability Boosts Integrity

Ever try to change? You know … your routine, so you get more done on your top ten list; your diet, so your health improves; your spending habits, so you owe less and save more; your approach to managing priorities at work, so you achieve greater success. How’s that going? If you’re answer is “great!”…

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Doing Work You Don’t Like Doing

You have elements of your work that you don’t like doing, don’t you? Everyone does. I definitely do. For me, when I have to dig deep into budgets and P&L’s, the air gets real thin. I had a conversation with a leader this week that broke my heart. My friend is a doctor. He is well-known as…

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3 Ways Daniel Teaches Leaders to Boost Their Integrity

Today’s culture encourages a much more relative set of values – a sort of if-it-helps-you-succeed-it’s-okay mindset. While that’s not absolute, it’s enough to be incredibly dangerous. The definition of success can become warped, with an emphasis on short-term financial success at the exclusion of the long-term impact. The victims often include careers, families, relationships, communities…

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How Many Days Do You Have Left?

You travel at the speed of light most days. Your pace is relentless. So here’s my question for you: are you living life on purpose? Or just living life? I have a 15-year-old son going into the 10th grade. His transition to high school and driving has gotten my attention. Recently, I felt compelled to…

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Servant Leadership: For Such a Time as This

The Executive Speaker Series session with Donnie Smith, President and CEO of Tyson Foods, is always a highlight of the WorkMatters Institute. This week raised the bar. There was the cool factor of meeting at the Tyson Discovery Center and trying new products for our dinner. There was the talk itself: full of great content about…

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Are You Playing To Win?

It’s 6:00a.m. Seven young professional leaders, a CEO and myself were huddled around a table deep in discussion. The question was, “are you playing it safe? Are you playing not to lose?” On the surface that sounds like a fairly harmless question. These are some serious young leaders, not faint of heart. But the question…

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