Servant Leadership for Such a Time as This

The executive speaker series session with Donnie Smith, president and CEO of Tyson Foods, is always a highlight of the WorkMatters Institute. This one particular week raised the bar. There was the cool factor of meeting at the Tyson Discovery Center and trying new products for our dinner. There was the talk itself: full of…

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The Power of Money

Money is a powerful tool. If we feel like we don’t have enough of it, we become stressed and afraid. But when payday comes, a calm rushes over us. A higher than expected cell phone bill arrives in our email, and anger and anxiety swells inside of us again. If we aren’t careful, money can…

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How to Show Outrageous Gratitude & Love at Work

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving with family can sometimes be hard. And in a lot of ways, the workplace can be very similar to a Thanksgiving experience – a place filled with imperfect people who have differing opinions and beliefs all united by one common mission. The only difference is that they share a conference table…

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Trust in God and Not Your Own Judgement

We admire the people who are not afraid to make a gutsy decision. These people seem to have special insight into reality and the courage to follow that insight in a direction that may or may not make sense to everyone else. You know who I mean — the ones who seem to always make…

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Refusing to be Ruled by Anger or Bitterness at Work

The more I talk to people, the more evident it is that we’re living and working in stressful times. And where there is stress, emotions can easily get off. It’s so easy to feel anger, frustration or disappointment when things don’t go the way we expected, when problems complicate our lives or communication breakdowns wreak…

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When Your Personal Life and Work Life Collide

We love to act like our work life and personal life are distinct and separate, don’t we? We have no problem checking our personal lives at the office door, right? For many years of my career, I lived exactly this way. I didn’t want bosses, peers and coworkers to see any weakness in my game.…

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Can God Use Me Now?

I strongly believe that God has a purpose for every one of us. It doesn’t matter what your job is, what level of the company you’re at, or if you’re even with a company. God has given each of us very specific gifts to fulfill His purposes – at every stage of our lives. But…

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5 Tools For Purposeful Living in 2017

I love end-of-year reviews and fresh starts to a new year! Do you? I made so many mistakes in 2016. That’s why one of my favorite phrases in the Bible is ”…his mercies are fresh each morning.” We all need fresh starts, and once a year we get a natural opportunity for that – to…

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Where is Your Thrill of Hope Coming From?

The days between Christmas and New Year’s have always seemed to be an exhausting time for me. After a month of what feels like non-stop running from Christmas parties, gift shopping, and above all, a very busy work season, I’m exhausted. On top of that, the Christmas season is officially over, and that sense of…

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To Every Season…

The holiday season is not easy to escape. We barely finish the Thanksgiving turkey before it’s time to shop for Christmas on black Friday. In a season that’s meant to represent pausing and giving, we seem to rush forward and consume more. Work can feel the same way. How many times do we get caught…

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