Happy Thanksgiving From Workmatters

For me, Thanksgiving is the ultimate celebration. Of course, at Christmas we celebrate the birth of our Savior. But at Thanksgiving we get to celebrate all that He does in our lives! Just him, your family and friends, and a year full of extraordinary blessings to be thankful for. And today, our team at Workmatters…

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Peace and Clarity in the Crazy – Pray Like Jesus

How can we have peace and clarity when our circumstances are increasingly complex and messy? Our world of social media and immediate notifications has exposed the anxiousness, conflict and downright messiness. We feel it everywhere. We see it on an international level. We are experiencing it at a national level. And we have always felt…

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The Election is Over – Now What?

The presidential election has dominated our national consciousness for over a year … and now it’s over. A significant portion of the population was going to be disappointed regardless of the outcome. For many, there are new questions. For some there is fear. Uncertainty. Elections like this are amplifications of our everyday experience: we get…

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Kingdom Vision at Work – Ross Cully

“Lens 1 or 2? 2 or 3?” These are familiar questions to those of us that visit the optometrist to get our eyes checked. We look on as the optometrist changes the lens through which we see the world, searching for just the right one to make the world appear in its clearest form. The…

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Five Myths about Servant Leadership

One of the keys to living out our faith at work is to serve those we work with. This is a rich principle for us to follow as we strive to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” Sometimes, we can misconstrue what it means to truly serve, and become doormats to those around us. Allowing someone…

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Faith and Forgiveness at Work

It’s a dramatic scene in the book of Mark: Jesus is in his final week in Jerusalem before his crucifixion. He has just turned over tables and driven money-changers out of the temple. And he has cursed a fruitless fig tree as an object lesson to his disciples. The disciples’ amazement at the dried-up and…

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Hard Love: Getting Perspective on Trials at Work and Home

“Play the fun music, Daddy!” The “fun music” is Hard Love, the album by NeedtoBreathe. My kids (five and three) are obsessed with it. It’s on all the time. I wasn’t exactly in the best mood that evening. It had been another day with an unexpected setback at work, another unexpected issue to navigate, more…

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Courage in the Hardest Moments

I was recently flipping through the book of Esther, and had flashbacks to Sunday school and learning about the heroic female leader of this book. But as I began to re-read the book with a more mature set of eyes, I found God speaking to me in new ways through an old story. To give…

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Reconciling Differences at Work

Do you struggle with overcoming differences at work with a boss or co-worker? The following is a summary of a WorkMatters podcast episode where Tim Broughton shares with us how we can best reconcile those differences and grow closer to God as we do it.   RECONCILING DIFFERENCES AT WORK TIM BROUGHTON Overcoming being offended…

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