Bloom Where You Are Planted

The saying “bloom where you are planted” has frustrated me at moments in life. At best, I thought it meant stay where you are and try to make the most of it — grind through it. At worst, I even thought this statement was just a cop-out for not exploring or stepping out into something new. But what I’ve learned over time is that it is just the opposite.

When we are in the “grind” of daily life we fall into a monotonous routine — wake up, get ready, check emails, get yourself and your family out the door, get to work, get through a multitude of meetings and demands, get home, get through more to-dos and demands, and finally crash into bed to have another “Groundhog-style day” tomorrow.

But ordinary does not have to mean decay. We can bloom in the ordinary.

We need to challenge ourselves to see that running through life without taking the time to bloom in each area of our daily life is in fact not blooming where we are planted. So how can we bloom wherever we are planted?

Our personal life is a great place to start. Are you just existing within your personal relationships? A great way to test this is to recall the last time someone you spent time with challenged you (in a good way). Are you just showing up to be seen, or do those interactions cause you to grow and bloom?

The workplace is the next opportunity. When you get to work, do you dive right in without observing those around you? Or do you take time to notice how you can serve them today? Again, are you just letting yourself be seen, or do you allow the people around you to stretch you to bloom and grow from the environment you’re in.

We can only bloom if we are intentional about absorbing all the opportunities to grow. And as Christians, we know that God is the only one who can provide the ultimate nourishment.

So today, challenge yourself to not just exist in your daily life — but to model the season we are in and dare to fully bloom where you are planted.

Because just maybe your blooming will stop someone in their path, and give you the opportunity to have a conversation about where that beauty ultimately comes from.


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