It reframed my relationship with the Lord. I realized that I had functionally separated my faith and my work. I learned how to intentionally put them together. It helped me take specific action on a day to day basis with people I can love and serve.

It was huge for me to learn to be myself fully, not changing who I am for a role. WMI really is all about learning practical ways to bring your faith to work, in a community of likeminded people. It completely changed the way I go to work. WMI is invaluable.

I try everyday to be a servant leader, but I never would have imagined the positive feedback I received from my manager in my last review. It's a reflection of the kind of influence and impact WMI has had on my personal and professional life.

The leadership skills I learned in 16 weeks in WMI would have taken years in the normal flow of the workplace -- and the learning is more valuable and intuitive, because you don't have to reinterpret through a faith lens. That's where it all comes from.

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