You spend half of your life at work. You want that time to matter. But the workplace is a tough place to live your faith. You may experience a conflict between your faith-me and your work-me, unsure where to find answers.

We understand—we’ve been there. And we've discovered that all of the answers we need can be found in the Bible.

That’s why we’ve designed Workmatters Studies to help you grow in your leadership at work based on biblical principles. Facilitating a study is easy and allows you to learn not only from leaders in the Bible, but from each other.

Thousands of people in companies both large and small across the U.S. have participated in Workmatters Studies and have discovered a renewed sense of passion for their work.

When you discover God’s purpose for your work, it fills your work with meaning. And when your work has meaning, it can transform your life.

Your work matters!

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