Who participates in these studies?

Anyone who has a desire to grow as a leader by applying biblical leadership principles. Regardless of your age or position, if you desire to discover God’s purpose and meaning in your work, if you desire to connect with other leaders and grow … Workmatters Studies are for you. People who have participated in Workmatters Studies range from young professionals who recently entered the workforce, to middle management, to corporate executives and everyone in between.

When and where do you meet?

Workmatters Studies usually meet for one hour weekly, primarily in the workplace or in a location that is convenient to the participants’ place of business.

Check out this list to see where a study is happening around you.

Who facilitates Workmatters Studies?

Ideally, each Workmatters Study has two facilitators – one experienced professional (35+) and one young professional (under 35). Although that is not a requirement. Anyone who feels called to facilitate can do so – you don’t have to have experience leading Bible studies. We provide resources and support to equip facilitators for success.

What do I need to do to be trained to facilitate a study?

We provide facilitator guides, tips and resource documents on our website that can be viewed online or downloaded and printed. If you need more, we are always happy to talk or meet (NWA) with you.

What curriculum is used?

Workmatters has a team of curriculum writers and designers who develop each study we produce. These writers also have many years of marketplace experience. They are also deeply knowledgeable and well-versed in Scripture and supplement their knowledge with research using Bible study tools and commentaries. This team brings their knowledge and experience together to produce studies that are highly relevant to today’s workplace environments. We’ve seen remarkable results from those who have gone through a study. This short video is just a sampling of what thousands of leaders have experienced. Imagine the impact these leaders will have in the marketplace!

How do I participate in or start a Workmatters Study?

Contact Workmatters to find out if there are any studies scheduled in your area or company. If there aren’t, you can start one easily. Whether you are interested in being a facilitator or just want to help organize a study, these Simple Steps to Starting a Study will walk you through everything you need to know. We are also working with people and organizations across the country to help them start Workmatters Studies in their businesses, communities and through their churches. Contact us to learn more about how to bring these studies to more business communities.

I am interested in using Workmatters Studies in my business or church, but I don’t live in Northwest Arkansas.

Workmatters Studies are being done in over 18 states and three countries around the world. We want to see them continue to spread! If you are interested in using any of our Workmatters Studies in your business, church, university or community please contact Workmatters. We are passionate about helping people discover God’s purpose for their work around the globe. To purchase study guides, click here.

What is the cost of the Guides?

All Workmatters Study guides are $18. Click here to purchase guides.

What if I’ve never led a Bible Study before, or even participated in one?

Those who choose to start a study simply need to facilitate the discussion – you do not have to teach. The Workmatters Studies guides are designed to make it easy for anyone to facilitate a study. They include:

  • Facilitation tips you can download from our website.
  • Facilitator notes to guide you through specific parts of the discussion.
  • Possible responses for questions that are designed to bring out specific answers in the side bars and paragraphs following those questions.
  • A list of suggested Leadership Principles for each week’s lesson in the back of the guide.

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