I’ve studied the story of Esther before, but never from this perspective. The leadership qualities that are brought out and discussed are powerful. I loved the study and I also loved the fellowship with this great group of ladies.

Ann Woodruff - DaySpring


The majority of people are disengaged at work. Many of them don’t think they can impact positive change because of the overwhelming demands of their work. It’s easy to fall into the “who am I?” mentality and struggle just to get by.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could expand your positive influence at work?

Esther: Influence at Work helps you become aware of just how far your influence can go and discover ways to be intentional about your impact. You and your colleagues will learn ways to:

• Increase your positive influence on others.
• Expand your influence through your work.
• Seek and follow God’s lead, not just for yourself, but together.

You have the opportunity to have a positive influence that makes a significant difference. Your investment in yourself and your colleagues will help you grow as a stronger team member, manager and business leader, and glorify God in the process.