The hardest thing for us to do at work is love others. Jesus loved everyone, regardless of their background. This study gave us the opportunity to learn to live and love like Jesus. It was not only impactful to me personally, but what I learned is impacting those I work with every day.

David Ahuja IT Director


Work is hard because people are hard. Relationships are a huge part of our effectiveness, success and satisfaction at work. But there are times when communicating is a challenge and it’s tough to get anything done. And God’s presence can seem distant at best.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could turn difficult work relationships into cooperative, productive relationships?
You can, and it starts with Love. Not love the emotion, but love the action. Deliberate and intentional.

Jesus: Love at Work is based on the life and leadership of Jesus. You and your colleagues will learn ways to:

• Improve communication.
• Navigate tension that comes from increased demands and pressure.
• Seek and follow God’s lead, not just for yourself, but together.

Making a real difference at work starts with love. Your investment in yourself and your colleagues will help you grow as a stronger team member, manager and business leader, and glorify God in the process.

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