Your Workplace is a Mission Field

One of the greatest tragedies I see in the workplace is when people pursue a vocation for the wrong reasons. I’ve seen people put all of their time and energy into what they thought they should do, but it wasn’t their passion. This is just as sad is seeing someone pursue what they feel called…

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International Women’s Day: Leader Highlight

Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, we want to highlight one of our favorite Christian female leaders, Shelley Simpson, EVP; Chief Commercial Officer; President, Highway Services at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. As women, there is an increasing demand on us to outperform in every area of our life — including our work. Many times,…

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Dealing with Workplace Politics

Workplace politics … ugh.   Life at work in any size organization is already tough. It’s not easy to navigate competing interests, communicate well and still achieve what’s best for the organization. But when people are motivated strictly by advancing their careers or personal agendas versus  contributing to the organization and the mission of the…

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How to Handle Difficult Coworkers at Work

It’s hard to be in an environment where everyone is out for themselves. When you are surrounded by people who are driven by their own comfort, security, or promotion, you don’t feel safe. You feel like you can’t trust anybody. And more often than not, you close yourself up so you feel protected. Forget about…

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How to Navigate Change and Loss Powerfully at Work

Change is difficult for most people – even people who tend to like change. When it’s an unexpected and unwanted change like a job loss, it can be especially overwhelming. It forces us to face the unknown and go way out of our comfort zone. It can challenge our identity and trigger intense fear. It…

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Take Hold of Your Schedule Now

We’re one month into the New Year and my schedule for January got really full really fast. It seems like the moment January 2nd dawned, I was off to the races. I had to prepare for and facilitate several meetings on top of my normal work responsibilities, and there have been several significant, unexpected situations…

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6 Ways to Face Challenges at Work

All of us have to face challenges at work. No matter how hard you try or how many hours you put in, you are bound to come up against obstacles from time to time that threaten your ability to meet a deadline. You may have a very critical manager, or have to deal with unexpected…

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When You Feel Like You Don’t Fit in Because of Your Faith

Christians today are often better at having a private faith than a public faith. We know how to make our faith deeply personal. But we struggle to make it massively public. There is probably no greater place where we feel the tension between our faith and our culture than at work. Our outlook is different…

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