Pause and Turn Your Attention to Christ

“My heart says of you, ‘Seek his face!’ Your face, Lord, I will seek.” – Psalm 27:8 We are all seeking something out of each day at work – recognition, solutions, achievement, promotion, help, security, and friendship, to name a few. When we seek these things from the world around us it can actually leave…

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You Are Valuable To God No Matter What

Application: Even if you were the only person at work who ever fell short, God would pursue you just the same. You belong to Him, and you’re a part of your team for a reason. You will find it easier to share the value you have to offer when you remember that you are valuable…

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Walk Alongside Those You Lead

Application: Leaders have a responsibility to serve the entire team. That means rather than being exempt, you need to do the dirty work alongside those you lead. Remember that they are your coworkers, and you are all executing the same vision and mission together.

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Responsibility to Risk

Application: The servant in this passage invested five bags of gold, and that investment paid off. We are called to be good stewards of the resources we have been entrusted to oversee. Sometimes that means using wisdom to take risks, like hiring the underdog, giving difficult feedback, and taking a stand against inappropriate behavior to…

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Shift in Priorities

Application: Take a hard look at how you spend your time, resources and money. Ask God how He wants you to shift your priorities so you can serve others with the resources He has given you to steward.   Get more workplace scripture like this delivered to you by subscribing via email or Messenger. Visit…

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Having The Right Design For Your Work

Application: Resist the temptation to jump into the work before inviting God in. Take a moment to ask God for His purposes in your work before you shift into the next task.   Get more workplace scripture like this delivered to you by subscribing via email or Messenger. Visit for additional faith-at-work resources.

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