Faith Helps You Persevere Through Challenges At Work

Application: The stress, obstacles and setbacks we experience at work can weigh us down with discouragement. God calls us to lean on Him for strength through all of it so we can persevere. When you do, you will see your efforts pay off – sometimes in greater ways than if everything had gone smoothly to…

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Serving Others at Work for the Long Haul

Application: We don’t always see immediate results from our commitment to follow God at work, but be encouraged: He will use your commitment to give your best to make an incredible impact on others in His timing.   Get more workplace scripture like this delivered to you by subscribing via email or Messenger. Visit…

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Shift in Retirement Plan

Application: Biblical retirement is all about sharing the wisdom and experiences God has given you to teach the younger generations. The world needs you to teach the next generation as long as you are able so they develop a passion for seeking God at work.   Get more workplace scripture like this delivered to you…

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Shift in Privilege

Application: Leadership and authority at work come with a responsibility to serve others well so that they can reach their full potential. Pick one person at work who does not have the same privileges as you. How can you use your privileges to serve them today?   Get more workplace scripture like this delivered to…

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