Compelling Leaders are Defined by Their Followers

People aspire to be around compelling leaders because they want to be influenced and impacted by them. They want to help these leaders achieve their goals and vision. Compelling leaders are servant leaders. In her time at Walmart, Celia Swanson had the opportunity to be exposed to many compelling leaders who demonstrated empathy for and…

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Shift in Privilege

Application: Leadership and authority at work come with a responsibility to serve others well so that they can reach their full potential. Pick one person at work who does not have the same privileges as you. How can you use your privileges to serve them today?   Get more workplace scripture like this delivered to…

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Shift in Burden

Application: Notice those who have an extra heavy load of responsibilities to bear, or may be struggling due to personal demands and look for ways to ease the load for them. You show Christ’s love when you lend a hand.   Get more workplace scripture like this delivered to you by subscribing via email or…

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