How Good Can Come From Your Mistakes

Making mistakes is no fun. I will never forget one mistake I made very early in my career. At the age of 19, I was a new computer programmer. One of my assignments was to make changes to a system that generated reports for a manufacturing plant. The night the updates went live, the system…

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Dealing with Workplace Politics

Workplace politics … ugh.   Life at work in any size organization is already tough. It’s not easy to navigate competing interests, communicate well and still achieve what’s best for the organization. But when people are motivated strictly by advancing their careers or personal agendas versus  contributing to the organization and the mission of the…

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6 Ways to Face Challenges at Work

All of us have to face challenges at work. No matter how hard you try or how many hours you put in, you are bound to come up against obstacles from time to time that threaten your ability to meet a deadline. You may have a very critical manager, or have to deal with unexpected…

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When You Feel Like You Don’t Fit in Because of Your Faith

Christians today are often better at having a private faith than a public faith. We know how to make our faith deeply personal. But we struggle to make it massively public. There is probably no greater place where we feel the tension between our faith and our culture than at work. Our outlook is different…

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Is Your Work Trying to Define You?

“I have been given fullness in Christ — I lack nothing. I am a daughter of the Most High King; the enemy cannot harm me. If God is for me, who can be against me?” These are a few of the key phrases I verbally speak over myself (almost) everyday on my 30-minute drive to…

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God Rest Ye Weary Gentlemen

The holiday season is a  time of year when we reflect on what the arrival of Jesus means. Jesus came for the weak, the lowly, the burned out and the oppressed. He came to give us rest. Doesn’t that sound nice? Many of us are working 60, 70, or even  80-hour weeks and could use…

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How to Lean on God at Work for Your Best 2018

What does it really mean to bring our best to work? None of us want to be mediocre. Even on days when you’re not feeling your best, I’d venture to guess you still bring all you can to your work. But, even on the days when you’re feeling good, are you truly bringing your best…

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Hope in a Season of Uncertainty

We all face times of uncertainty at work, and they can be especially daunting this time of the year. Maybe there’s a threat of layoffs; perhaps it doesn’t look like you’re going to hit your end-of-year financial goals; or maybe you just found out that a big account isn’t going to come through. Whatever uncertainty…

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How to Survive a Desert Season at Work

Life’s trials are tough, but desert seasons are downright scary – especially when they impact our work. Our identity is challenged, our ability to provide for ourselves and our family is threatened, and any security we may have experienced previously goes out the window. You never know how long it will last, or how it…

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Managing Up in a Way that Honors God

Having a healthy, positive relationship with your boss is critical to enjoying your work, and being effective at your job. But often times, the particular manager you have makes it difficult to have such a relationship. Some managers are stressful to work for, some are obnoxious to you, some are even oppressive to be around,…

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