Your Gameplan: Three Practical Prayers for Your Workday

Any coach knows that one of the biggest keys to victory is an effective gameplan – to intentionally maximize your strengths and counteract the strengths of the opposing team.

What is your gameplan for work?

We often recommend things like “prayer,” “leaning on God’s strength,” or “seeking God first in all things.” These are absolutely true, but maybe you are at a place where it isn’t quite clear how to apply that truth.

Here are three practical prayers to apply today. Think of these prayers as a gameplan for calibrating your heart and mind for walking with God at work. Take the plan, apply it and then make it your own.

1 – Our foundation

The scripture: Ephesians 3:16-19

Father, strengthen my heart today. My circumstances will probably change, but your love is unchanging. Help me grasp just how much you love me in Christ, and help me know that you have filled me. Let me move forward with confidence and security into whatever today holds.

Apply it: pick a spot 2 minutes before you arrive at the office. Think through the scripture and pray the prayer.

2 – Our connection

The scripture: John 15:5

Father, I need you and depend on you. I need you for wisdom and direction, from the planning of my day to the way I navigate a conversation and contribute in a meeting. I want to understand your plan for my day and every aspect of it. Help me stay connected to you today.

Apply it: take a minute before you get out of your car to think through the scripture and pray the prayer.

3 – Our mindset

The scripture: Philippians 2:3-4

Father, help me remember that it’s not about me. You have put me in a position to serve: my family, my co-workers, our customers. As I engage a project or enter a meeting today, please show me how I can best serve and contribute there.

Apply it: say this prayer as you walk in the door. Say it during every transition into a meeting, new project or difficult email.

Our relationship with God is complex, dynamic and messy. It cannot be reduced to a few rote prayers. But God’s word is never dry, and when you pray in response to his word it will always be fresh and relevant.

Put your gameplan into action today.

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