5 Tools For Purposeful Living in 2017

I love end-of-year reviews and fresh starts to a new year! Do you?

I made so many mistakes in 2016. That’s why one of my favorite phrases in the Bible is ”…his mercies are fresh each morning.”

We all need fresh starts, and once a year we get a natural opportunity for that – to look back and look forward.

We can look over our shoulder at the past year and see the incredible blessings and significant difficulties. And often, what once looked like an unexplainable crooked path in our journey now makes complete sense.

With that insight we can look forward, and continue with a clearer view and fresh energy for a new year.

What can you do to make this new year meaningful? Try these five tools to give your life true purpose in 2017:

1.) Review 2016 – I recently listened to a Tim Ferriss’ podcast, (What I learned in 2016), that recommended a process of going through your 2016 calendar and doing these two things:

  •  identify the 20% of the activities, experiences or people that produced 80% of your most purposeful outcomes;
  • identify the 20% of the activities, experiences or people that produced 80% of the stress, anxiety, or anger.

To the extent possible, work to allocate time in 2017 to those things with purposeful outcomes, and remove or minimize those that are negative.

2.) Chose a ONE word theme for 2017  Each year our Workmatters team chooses ONE word for each of us individually, and one for Workmatters corporately, to drive our focus for the year. What will your word be? Perhaps … PURPOSE?

3.) Read the Bible – In 2017, let your reading start here. Chose a reading plan from YouVersion. I’m reading the New Testament this year. My plan has some cool twists.

4.) Identify your destination, but have a journey mindset Elise Mitchell, a close friend and Workmatters Board member, has just released a powerful book called “Leading Through the Turn … How a Journey Mindset Can Help Leaders Find Success and Significance.” It’s relevant and timely … a must read on your 2017 book list.

5.) Leverage Workmatters resources – For those of you still reading, I have a special gift for you! On Monday, we will be announcing our new website, which is the culmination of nine months of work on what leaders like you want from us. Leverage Workmatters in 2017 to help you discover and live God’s purpose for your work!

May your life and work be full of purpose and meaning in 2017!


David Roth

President, Workmatters


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