Attention – Important WorkMatters Events Update concerning Feb. FUSE

Three years ago, WorkMatters launched a new event format called FUSE, a quarterly luncheon event. Its purpose was to “engage” more leaders in a faith and work journey. Over 2,600 leaders have done just that — the stories of impact have been powerful!

We are constantly evaluating how we can help more men and women close the gap between their faith and work in Northwest Arkansas and across the nation. Consequently, we have decided to make the following changes to our events strategy:

  • Our two “mega-events,” WorkMatters Leadercast (Q2) and our newly-launched FUSE Forum (Q4), will become our primary focus to “engage” more leaders in a faith and work journey.
  • The two FUSE quarterly luncheon events (February, August) will no longer take place.

Stopping a successful, impactful ministry is never an easy decision. FUSE has played a significant role in the lives of thousands of people, helping them grow and connect with other faith-and-work leaders. We are deeply grateful for those who faithfully attended, volunteered, sponsored and supported this event. Your impact is real and it is noticed.

We believe WorkMatters’ most exciting and innovative days are ahead. This decision will allow us to focus more heavily on our two largest, most impactful events – Leadercast and FUSE Forum.  We will also continue exploring and delivering groundbreaking approaches to marketplace ministry through unique face-to-face events and expanded digital content that will change the way people engage their faith and work both in Northwest Arkansas and across the nation.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to grow our marketplace ministry to help men and women close the gap between their faith and work.

For those of you who have already purchased tickets for February’s FUSE event, you will soon receive an email notifying you of your refund. If you have feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you! Please reply back to this email at .

Closing the gap together,

David Roth, president and CEO, Workmatters

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