International Women’s Day: Leader Highlight

Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, we want to highlight one of our favorite Christian female leaders, Shelley Simpson, EVP; Chief Commercial Officer; President, Highway Services at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. As women, there is an increasing demand on us to outperform in every area of our life — including our work. Many times,…

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Is it Monday Yet?!

We’ve all been there — tough days, long weeks, counting down ‘till the weekend begins. And while God established rest from work as a time for us to get re-energized, be still in His presence, and function properly, there’s also this mindset that most of us have fallen slaves to at one point or another…

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Dealing with Loss & Disappointment at Work

So you didn’t get that promotion you were hoping for. That pitch you’ve been working on for months … you didn’t win it. And that raise your boss promised you … it never came. We’ve all experienced loss and disappointment in some form or another at work. Every time we do, we have a big…

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Trusting God Through the Unexpected

Do you remember what you thought your adult life would look like when you were a kid? Perhaps you dreamt of the day you would start your own company or make it to the corner office. Most of us grow up having expectations of what our lives will look like one day. But if your…

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