Daniel – module 3

We all want to succeed at work. But with that desire comes pressure – pressure to perform, to fit in with the culture. That often means there’s a “work-me” and a “faith-me.”

Living two separate lives is stressful and makes it difficult to make the best decisions.

But what if you could be the same person at home and at work? What if you could make decisions at work based on your faith?

Daniel: Integrity at Work uses the story of Daniel to demonstrate how we can be part of the culture without being defined by it. You and your colleagues will learn ways to:

• Raise the bar on your integrity.
• Respond to the pressure and demands of work with integrity.
• Seek and follow God’s lead, not just for yourself, but together.

Long-term success and peace of mind comes from making choices that align with biblical principles. Your investment in yourself and your colleagues will help you grow as a stronger team member, manager and business leader. You’ll discover renewed passion for work and glorify God in the process.

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