How To Take a Step Toward God at Work

Step Toward God (Blog)
For 12 years, WorkMatters has been passionately working to help leaders integrate their faith and work. On the surface, it’s a simple idea. It’s logical.

In fact, I will argue that it’s impossible to compartmentalize your work life and personal life. We live integrated lives. We bring our personal issues to work, right? We can’t help it. If I have a sick child, or a conflict with my wife Theresa, or I’m selling my home, or today is my son Dylan’s birthday (it is!) … I’m bringing that to work with me.

So, should the same be true with my faith? I can’t leave that at home either. It’s part of who I am…

Not so fast. For 20+ years, I was a poster-child Sunday Christian. I had been trained that Sunday was more holy than Monday. And if I was in church on Sunday, I had fulfilled my “faith obligation.” After all, I had an important career (see 5 Ways To Turn Your Job Into a Calling) and there was no real room for God there – unless, of course, I needed help. Then, and only then, I pulled God out of the faith compartment until I was through that storm.

The good news is today in 2015 we are past that thinking, right?

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are ten’s of thousands of Christian leaders across the U.S. who do not integrate their faith and work. And there are  a multitude of reasons why they don’t.

If that’s you, what can you do? One simple lesson I learned years ago is this:

Take a step toward God.

Do something to put yourself in an environment that can move you one step closer to living an integrated life. Do something where you can observe and learn from other leaders. For those of you that live in northwest Arkansas, you have just such a powerful opportunity. On September 11 we will host our FUSE event held at the Hammons Convention Center. Our friend and speaker, Elise Mitchell,  will be sharing a powerful story on “Making the Journey Matter!”

Join 400 other marketplace leaders to take a step towards God at work!

By the way, if you are already engaged in a faith and work journey, this is a tremendous opportunity to invite other leaders in your workplace or church who aren’t. They will be glad you did!

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