Four Simple Ways to Replace Fear with Trust

Life and business seem to have ebbs and flows. I don’t know about you, but there definitely seem to be times when everything works like clockwork. Then there are times when obstacles and problems seem to pop up at every turn. Lately, I’ve witnessed storms brewing in the lives and work of my co-workers and…

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Don’t Focus on the Fruit

If you are a follower of Christ then you are in the Kingdom of God and live by its values. Sometimes those values line up nicely with what our culture appreciates. And sometimes they’re counterintuitive. Abiding with God at work is like that. A few weeks ago we called abiding with God at work the…

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Four Ways Leaders Can Use Their Words Powerfully

I once heard a workshop leader describe the words we are apt to automatically repeat as thousands of sticky notes hanging off of the virtual ceiling of our collective minds. As we engage in conversation, we frequently grab from those sticky notes in reaction to various experiences. Some words are benign, but others are quietly…

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4 Ways Accountability Boosts Integrity

Ever try to change? You know … your routine, so you get more done on your top ten list; your diet, so your health improves; your spending habits, so you owe less and save more; your approach to managing priorities at work, so you achieve greater success. How’s that going? If you’re answer is “great!”…

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3 Ways Daniel Teaches Leaders to Boost Their Integrity

Today’s culture encourages a much more relative set of values – a sort of if-it-helps-you-succeed-it’s-okay mindset. While that’s not absolute, it’s enough to be incredibly dangerous. The definition of success can become warped, with an emphasis on short-term financial success at the exclusion of the long-term impact. The victims often include careers, families, relationships, communities…

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Leaders Encourage

“Leaders instill courage in the hearts of those who follow. This rarely happens through words alone. It generally requires action. … By going first, the leader furnishes confidence to those who follow.” ~ Andy Stanley, bestselling author and 2014 WorkMatters Leadercast speaker How many times have you found yourself in a situation at work that…

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Will Your Celebration Honor God?

Did you ever consider the fact that the life of Jesus was filled with celebration? It’s not the first thing that typically comes to my mind. Yet when you read the account of His birth, His life and His resurrection, you can’t help notice that celebration was all around Him. His birth was celebrated with…

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