VIDEO: Cheryl Bachelder – Bring Your Best Self to Work

Are you able to bring your best self to work? How about others on your team?

Many people are answering “no” to that question more often than not. Maybe it’s a culture issue, a resource issue or a values issue. Whatever it is, you can be sure it is affecting them and affecting the effectiveness of your organization.

In today’s video, Cheryl Bachelder, CEO, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., shares how her company began to turn around by focusing on the franchisees, the people who had greatest influence over the customer experience. The company focused on creating a better environment for them, an environment where they could be at their best.

The results have been substantial.

Watch the video or read the transcript below and consider the work application. We pray it moves you into a deeper walk with God today at work.

Work Application:

Cheryl talks about creating an environment where people can thrive and bring their best self to work. Can you impact that environment for someone this week? Ask God to show you an opportunity to use your influence to help someone else bring their best self to work.

If this video is valuable to you, please share Cheryl’s teaching with your co-workers and friends.

Your work matters,


WorkMatters Team


Transcript (below video):


Cheryl Bachelder, CEO, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

At Popeye’s we began to turn around the performance of the company by focusing on our franchise owners and measuring our success by their success. That included their sales, their profitability, and their satisfaction ratings with us as leaders.

But for tomorrow, we have to take that further.

Our goal has been to transform the mindsets of our owners so that they may take servant leadership into our restaurants and create the environments for our restaurant managers to perform their best.

It’s a whole new step in the transformation of the company. It’s requiring us to re-think how we bring our business proposition to the restaurant general manager, how we support them, how we encourage them, how we build their skills so that they can create a better workplace for our employees.

There’s no way for us to improve the way we service our guests if we can’t take great care of our people in our restaurants and create an environment where they thrive and bring their very best self to work.

This is our next challenge, this is what keeps us awake at night now, and the future success of the company will be measured on the engagement and the thriving nature of our people in our restaurants.

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