VIDEO: Doug Sherman – Who Is Your God?

Sometimes what we say and what we do reveal two different belief systems. But as Christians at work, we need to be one person. What we think about God — and whether or not we live according to that — will have significant impact on how we lead and work.

In today’s short video, Doug Sherman, Author & Founder, Trading Up LLC, shares how our image of God affects the way we lead and work.

Watch the video or read the transcript below and consider this work application.

Work Application:

Take a minute right now and write down a couple of attributes of God — maybe one that Doug mentions below. Now consider: if you really believed this about God, how would it affect your work today? Is there a situation you need to face up to? And give to Him in prayer? Consider your next step and do it today.

If this video is valuable to you, please share Doug’s teaching with your coworkers and friends.


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Transcript (below):


Doug Sherman, Author & Founder, Trading Up, LLC

One of my favorite expressions is this: “the trajectory of our whole life is determined by one single thing, the image of God we live our life by.

It’s not the image that we would say to people, it’s not something you’d say in the foyer of your church, “this is what I think God is like.” It’s the image of God we actually live our life by.

Now, sadly, most people live as though God is small, not interesting, and not very relevant to their day. They have little interaction with Him, they don’t really try to know Him very well, and unfortunately a small God leads to a very small story of our life.

When we see God clearly; when we have an ever-expanding view of His goodness and his greatness; when we see Him as infinitely kind, infinitely compassionate, infinitely devoted to us, generous, extravagantly generous; when we actually live as though He is present, and live as though He is infinitely great and good, it changes everything.

Among the things it changes, it changes how we see our circumstances, how we see us, and how we see the Lord in that moment.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes is we become the image of God that we see. If you see the kindness of God – the way it really is – and you begin to live your life that way, then as a leader you will take on that kindness.

When you understand the compassion of God, the mercy of God, how He aches for people, how He sheds tears for their pain, then all of a sudden you begin to become a little bit more compassionate and a little bit more merciful.

When you see how wise He is, how brilliant His plans are, you begin to take on a little different flavor in how you do your planning. Basically you ask Him for wisdom which He promises in James 1.

Your image of God is central to your life, but it also colors how you lead. I think what I have noticed is that people who live life with a big God are great leaders and they lead by example. People love following people who live their life with an ever-expanding view of who God is.

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