Co-leading the Nehemiah study has helped me see that God’s plan is bigger than what I had expected. It seemed like I was hitting dead ends in my career. I now feel like I am exactly where God wants me to be. People see the joy and peace I have, even in stressful situations and they ask me how I do it.

Nuvia Swanson


We spend almost 50 percent of our adult lives working, and many of us are driven to succeed. But for what? Does work really have a purpose beyond being able to provide for myself and the family?

What if you could discover God’s purpose for the work you’re doing today?

Nehemiah: Calling at Work shows us how God can use our abilities and our work to really make a difference. You and your colleagues will learn ways to:

• Discover God’s calling for your work.

• Overcome the inevitable obstacles.

• Seek and follow God's lead to maximize your efforts for everyone's benefit.

When you tune into and walk with God, any work can make a difference. Your investment in yourself and your colleagues will help you grow as a stronger team member, manager and business leader, and glorify God in the process.

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