Courage in the Hardest Moments

I was recently flipping through the book of Esther, and had flashbacks to Sunday school and learning about the heroic female leader of this book. But as I began to re-read the book with a more mature set of eyes, I found God speaking to me in new ways through an old story. To give…

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Why Do You Work…Really?

It’s a pretty logical question. Maybe one we rarely stop and ask ourselves. Why are we working…really? How would you answer the question? Most of us become adsorbed in our day to day. We are consumed by the magnitude of the work. By the desire to succeed. There are financial needs (wants?) that drive us. There is a competitive…

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Office Politics: How to Use Your Influence for Good

I never really liked office politics. I viewed it as something to avoid at all costs. What I’ve learned is that office politics are inevitable, but the ugly side of office politics doesn’t have to be. It’s actually an important tool for increasing our influence at work. The fact is, office politics emerge whenever you…

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Overwhelmed at Work? 3 Biblical Ways to Beat Stress

Whether you have multiple deadlines flying at you all at once or one ginormous project that seems beyond your ability to tackle, there is one thing you can do. You can manage your mindset and your approach. Esther teaches us important ways to do that. Esther also faced a couple of overwhelming projects – the…

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