Vacation – 7 Ways to Live, Love and Learn

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This morning is day five following an incredible beach vacation with my my wife, Theresa and our two sons Dylan and Tyler. Beach vacations are just different, aren’t they? So much more relaxing and introspective than other trips you may go on that are full of activity. I’m wired more for the later, but I realized this past week, that regardless of where you go, we must use this time purposefully. The busyness of life, the pressures of work demand this time to regenerate!

There is no secret formula for a purpose driven vacation (sounds like work already, doesn’t it!). But here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

  1. Marriage – if you are married, find ways to spend time together. A walk on the beach. A bike ride. Help with the grocery store haul.
  2. Children – regardless of age, what a special time to laugh, to play, to explore, to challenge, to talk.
  3. Read – pick two good books to read. I read two fantastic books that I highly recommend. The first, Lead…For God’s Sake, I listened to on the long drive to Florida when my family was sleeping or otherwise “plugged in”. The second, Love WorksI read early in the morning or on the beach.
  4. God – what an incredible time to get up early and pray and read the Bible. It is an especially good time to just listen. What are you hearing about your marriage, your children, your friends, your work?
  5. Body – this may be counter-intuitive for some, but I love exercising on vacation. Maybe it’s a long run, or a hike, or a bike ride. It’s a time that your mind is more open and free to listen and think and smile.
  6. Ideas – I find that when I am mixing in all of the above, God seems to open my mind to fresh ideas and perspectives.
  7. Rest – doing all of these things can’t create busyness and stress. Just the opposite is true. Relax. Take a deep breath. Feel the joy of creation and the blessings of your life!

We lead active, fast paced lives. May God bless you richly with some time to rest and connect with family, friends, and the one that created us.

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