What Is Your Work ROI?

When it comes to our work, culture is a world-class trainer. For example, when you ask people why they work or, more specifically, what is the return on investment (ROI) of their work, the trained responses come rolling out.

“My work ROI is my paycheck. My work ROI is enjoying nice material things. My work ROI is prestige. My work ROI is food on the table. My work ROI is a great vacation with my family. My work ROI is …” Many of these ROIs are, in fact, good things when properly managed.

The point? Let me digress for one moment. Over the past few years, I have increasingly used my phone for my Bible study. I can highlight, bookmark, listen and use it any minute of the day. I remember one time I made the dreaded mistake of dropping my phone in a pool. Fortunately, I had also brought along my personal Bible that I have read and marked up for 20 years.

The next morning, I went to a well-worn page in that old Bible –  Colossians 3:23, my favorite work-related verse. But this day, my eyes were drawn to the next verse, Colossians 3:24, “since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

An inheritance? My reward, my ROI, is an inheritance? Our culture did not train me with that answer!

This is such a powerful verse. In the previous verse, Paul extols us to work with all our hearts, but not for our own glory or glory from others, but for God. Now, he’s introducing this idea that when we die, we will be rewarded with an inheritance from God! Can you imagine that scene?

I don’t know what that inheritance is going to be, but I know this – it should completely change the way we view our work. It can’t be any clearer … when we work, we are literally serving Jesus Christ. And our reward, our ROI? God hands us an inheritance.

Life Application:

Spend some time this week studying these two verses. Picture in your mind personally receiving your inheritance from God. Then decide how that should change the way you work.

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